Democracy in Europe: A History of an Ideology (Making of Europe)

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Title: Democracy in Europe: A History of an Ideology (Making of Europe) Volume:
Author(s): Luciano Canfora, Simon Jones
Series: Making of Europe Periodical:
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell City:
Year: 2006 Edition:
Language: English
This history traces the development of democracy in Europe from its origins in ancient Greece up to the present day.The book opens with the birth of democracy in ancient Greece, and outlines the adoption and adaptation of Greek political ideas by French revolutionaries and intellectuals to suit their own ends. The author then goes on to consider all the major watersheds in the development of democracy in modern Europe: the twenty-year crisis from 1789 to 1815, when the repercussions of revolution in France were felt across the continent; the explosion of democratic movements between 1830 and 1848; the hijacking of democratic processes by Napoleon III, and the débâcle of the Paris Commune. Canfora traces how the spread of Marxist ideas in east and west Europe, the Russian revolution, and the rise of fascism led to a «European civil war» lasting from 1914 until 1945.In conclusion, the book demonstrates how in the recent past democracy itself, far from making progress, has in fact become more limited and oligarchic, as indeed it was at the outset, 2,500 years ago.

Table of contents :
Democracy in Europe: A History of an Ideology……Page 5
Contents……Page 7
Prologue……Page 9
1 A Constitution Imbued with Hellenism: Greece, Europe, and the West……Page 15
2 The Beginning: Democracy in Ancient Greece……Page 29
3 How Greek Democracy Came Back into Play, and Finally Left the Stage……Page 43
4 Liberalism’s First Victory……Page 62
5 Universal Suffrage: Act One……Page 73
6 Universal Suffrage: Act Two……Page 89
7 Trouble for the ‘‘Old Mole’’……Page 97
8 Europe ‘‘on the March’’……Page 103
9 From the Slaughter of the Communards to the ‘‘Sacred Unions’’……Page 112
10 The Third Republic……Page 128
11 The Second Failure of Universal Suffrage……Page 138
12 The ‘‘European Civil War’’……Page 160
13 Progressive Democracies, People’s Democracies……Page 182
14 The Cold War: Democracy in Retreat……Page 206
15 Towards the ‘‘Mixed System’’……Page 222
16 Was it a New Beginning?……Page 241
Epilogue……Page 256
Notes……Page 261
Bibliography……Page 281
Index……Page 295


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(Making of Europe) Luciano Canfora, Simon Jones-Democracy in Europe_ A History of an Ideology (Making of Europe)-Wiley-Blackwell (2006)

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